How To Choose The Right Frame Shape?

When buying Eyeglasses/Sunglasses, we mentally prep a checklist for its style, color and the overall look. We’d wish for it to be enough but, sadly, it’s not. The reason why some frames really suit you well and others do not, is because of its shape and if it compliments your face shape or not.

We’ve all been blessed with a face shape, that determines what frame would take our style up that notch. Today, this guide will help you become the master of the trick. But before we start, you’ll need a few things in order to know your face shape.

How To Know Your Face Shape?

Things You'll Need - Mirror & Dry-Erase Marker


Stand in front of a mirror. Make sure you do not move your face. Tie or pull your hair back for the right tracing.


Slowly trace the outline of your reflection with the dry-erase marker. Once done, you can take a transparent paper & re-trace on it.


Look closely and compare your tracing to the face-shapes below. You can also take help of a friend here.

Find Your Face Shape

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