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Lens Fitting Clear Single Vision eyeglasses prescription #6

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We can assemble the complete glasses, can supply spherical and aspherical lenses.(Note: we only ..

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We can assemble the complete glasses, can supply spherical and aspherical lenses.(Note: we only sell optical frame and lenses together, don't sell only optical lenses, please note.Kindly contact us if you only want to buy optical lenses)


This is a contrastive photo between spherical and aspherical lenses in thickness:



1. In order to make out a perfect frame to fit for your face, we need to know your measurement and PD, please inform us the following: 
These 3 points we need to know to make the lenses:
 1). Diopter: left = (-5.00), right = (-5.00)       ------- this is an example for your reference.
 2). For PD: (pupil distance, the distance from the centre of left eye to the centre of right eye)
If it's inconvenience to go to optical shop or hospital, you can measure several times by yourself, check the following photo and it's very clear to see the size:
          (Right eye)  l--------------PD size------------l    (Left eye)
 3). Astigmatism: If your eye have astigmatism, please provide the power of astigmatism and axis.



You can add a pair of lens for your frame, please send us your Rx that you can scan or photo it, thanks.





1.How do I order?

1).Select your frames 
2).Choose your lens package 
3).Enter your prescription 
4).Add to cart and pay!

2.How do I read my prescription?

Prescription, Everything you need to know to understand and send your prescription.

How do I read my prescription?

Sometimes prescriptions can be confusing, so we’ll explain the most common formats.

Your prescription might look like these examples:


Here’s what prescription terms mean:

O.D.Right eye (R)
O.S.Left eye (L)
SPHPrescription strength (ex. -1.5, +1.5)
CYLAstigmatism, if present
AXISRotation of the cylindrical lens on a plane of 1-180 (ex. 120)
PDPupillary Distance, the distance between the left and right pupil. (ex. 33 or 33/34 for each eye or 66 altogether)
D.V.Distance Vision (need glasses to see far away)
N.V.Near Vision (need glasses to read)


3.What is a PD value? How do I read my prescription?

Great question! Your PD (pupillary distance) measures the distance from the center of one pupil to the other pupil in millimeters. This can equal one number if the left and right side have been added together or two numbers if the left and right side differ. 
pd value examples: 63 or 31/32

4.How do I measure my PD?

Look in a mirror
Line up a ruler between your two eyes
Make sure the ruler sits underneath the middle of the left pupil through to the middle of the right pupil
Look straight ahead
Measure the distance between the centre of the two pupils in millimeters

5.What are Cylinder (CYL) and AXIS values?

Both Cylinder and Axis values refer to an astigmatism in your prescription. Cylinder refers to the strength and Axis refers to the rotation of the cylindrical lens that runs on a plane of 1-180°. If you don’t have an astigmatism, or you have 00/Plano/DS written in the cylinder fields, then put “/” for both CYL and AXIS.


6.Lenses -

Everything you need to know about our lenses.

Which lenses do you offer?

We offer prescription lenses for four different vision types: distance, near, progressive and bifocal. 
Every vision type has four different package options that vary in protective coating levels.

  • Single vision - Starting at $9.99
  • Progressive - Starting at $25
  • Bifocal - Starting at $25

You can also add sunglass lenses:

  • Color Tinted - $18.99
  • Polarized - $28
  • Transitions lenses - $35
  • Photochromic lenses - $21


7.Which lens coatings do you offer?

We offer three lens coatings:

  • Scratch Resistance
    Hard coating seals plastic lens to reduce scratching and increase longevity.

  • Anti-reflection
    Made with anti-static, anti-reflective and hard coat layers to repel water, scratches, fingerprints, dust and colored glare. Ideals for computer usage and night driving.

  • UV Protection
    UV protection made with Ultra Hydrophobic, anti-static, anti-reflective, and hard coat layers blocks out 100% of all UVA and UVB rays.


8.Which sunglass lenses/tints do you offer?

  • Color tinted lenses
    Colors tints are good for both medical and everyday use. Color options: grey, green or brown

  • Polarized lenses
    Effortlessly eliminates any reflected glare, especially when driving. (grey tint)


9.When will I receive my order?

We’ll work as fast as possible to make sure you receive your glasses in a timely manner. This will depend on your specific prescription + shipping method. 

View the chart below to estimate your order arrival time.

Lens typeProduction time
Single Vision2-5 business days
Multifocal3-7 business days
Prescription Sunglasses

2-5 business days









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